Monday, June 6, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt vs iPhone 4

Whats garbage is that all the good apps on iOS they make you pay for where there are MANY and I do mean MANY sweet apps on Android that are %100 free and the apps are getting better and better every day. Even some iphone and ipad users have said that they dont lke the fact that they make you pay.
I care about open source and by the way as long as Steve Jobs is CEO of Apple all iOS devices will be closed source because Steve Jobs wants it that way. I the user does not want it that way and this is one of many reassons why I hate on Apple.
For the record android has well over 200.000 apps and by this time next year will have more then the Apple app store so remember this and by the way android also gives you more free apps then iOS that are better anyway so epic fail.


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