Monday, June 6, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt, LG Revolution, & Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone Overview

This video helped me decide on a phone. So if all three phones, charge, thunderbolt and Revolution are pretty much equal, it sounds like the amoled screen is the difference. I almost went with the thunderbolt, but it now looks like the charge or revolution for me now. t-mobiles "4G" is jus a 3G network that received a little kick. yes its faster than typical 3G speeds but its coverage is quite horrible.Spec and design was coolest on LG optimus black.. (nova ips screen in a slim body) just don't feel safe about the build quality on LG.. they are not know for high end phones these last years.. Motorola atrix was the coolest on pure specification, functionality and accessories.. I still feel Htc thunderbolt would be the safest deal with best overall package.. with the gingerbread update coming I feel that the best 1ghz, 768 RAM phones will have all the speed you need..


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